Transform technique in Adobe Illustrator

There are many shapes in the images we see everyday that attract us or pop up a question in our mind how these shapes have been created. You might see these types of shapes in an image or a painting or a graffiti on the wall when you walk on the street… You might wonder how they are created or if you can also make one! In this video as a part of our “one minute learning” series we cover the answer on how to design creative shapes using transform effect in Illustrator.


  1. Open Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Select the object you want to use for your drawing.
  3. Go to Effect menu.
  4. Select Distort and transform from the effect menu.
  5. In the sub menu select Transform.
  6. Enable preview in the appeared window.
  7. Enable the bottom reference point.
  8. Set the rotate value to 15.
  9. You are set to go now just increase the number of copies as you desire!
  10. You can also move the objects horizontally or vertically to create new creative shapes if you wish so.

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