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Removing Harsh Shadows from images

Removing Harsh Shadows from images is just easy with this one-minute technique. Sometimes shooting in harsh sunlight or in dark environment can actually create dramatic results. An example is the unwanted harsh shadow on the images you want to have a nice contrast of shadows and brightness on.
In this video in a few easy steps we want to remove unwanted shadows from an image and give it some brightness of course to the parts that the sun must be shining more.
These few easy steps help you learn more about the channel of colors in an image and how to use reverse selection to invert selected areas. You will also learn more about hidden mask and blending modes including even some handy tips for you who are very new to Photoshop.
I believe if you like photography or just an Instagram user or have some images that need some shadow adjustment you will just love this shadow adjustment technique that helps you remove the harsh shadows in almost a minute.

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Golden Skin In Adobe Photoshop

Gold skin in the Photoshop made type of skin that creates a wonderful heat on the image!
In this video in a few easy steps we wan to change a natural skin to golden and we can see how by tweaking some sliders you will get the perfect golden tone with shadows and highlights and glitter of gold over the skin.
I believe different tastes would like different gold tones so it is up to you to make it your own type by using the sliders. Follow along the video if you are interested in making gold skin and make sure you will practice and master your skills in creating the perfect gold as per your taste.

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Wrap Text In Photoshop

Wrapping text somewhere close to the subject of your design is one of those handy techniques that I call them must learn in design world.

The normal text box we get from the tools in Adobe Photoshop has its own bounding margins which is straight lines but what if we want to put the texts around things with no straight lines.

Then we should wrap them, right? In this video we learn how to wrap text around a subject in Photoshop. We will use rulers and guidelines to define margins and the pen tool is our super star in this technique. 

If you never even thought about this still I recommend you to watch this you will get so inspired about how you can make designs more beautiful and optimized when there are texts around your subjects.

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Typography Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Typography is one of those art that makes a text visually appealing by arranging its letters in a beautiful way .
The other use of putting the letters in an artistic way is logotype, where we can design a logo by arranging the letters of a company name together in very clear and visually beautiful and eye catching way.
However, creating logotype and typography requires some technique apart from the taste of art and creativity.
In this video we explain the techniques to create a typography in a step by step and pretty simple way. Follow along if you are interested in typo design and want to broaden your skills further.

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Match Colors in Adobe Photoshop

Matching colors of entities used in an image is very crucial in designing jobs.
Sometimes you want to mix different pictures and the lights, brightness, colors, contrast, etc. are not matching. This is when Adobe Photoshop comes to help again with the match color option.
Using this technique, you can simply match the colors of different layers or entities of an image. For example, you can make the sun yellowish color shine from an image taken in the summer to an image taken in a cloudy winter day.
It is easy and very quick to match the colors, so don’t miss out learning it in this video.

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Colorize Photo in Adobe Photoshop

Colorizing an image gives it a soul and makes it alive. Adobe Photoshop recently (in its 2021 version) added a very smart feature that helps us colorize images just in a few seconds by just a few clicks.
The smart feature of Adobe Photoshop has got different filters and colorizing images is one of those magical ones. I truly like it and it came very handy while editing, especially when it comes to old images. We covered another filter of this smart feature in the “change age” video, that is available in our Photoshop videos playlist so that you can have look if you haven’t yet!
If you ever wanted to colorize a grey image watch this video and see how with the help of this smart feature, we simply perform this job just in a glance.
Watch the video and try it, you will see how it makes life easier!

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