Golden Skin In Adobe Photoshop

Gold skin in the Photoshop made type of skin that creates a wonderful heat on the image!
In this video in a few easy steps we wan to change a natural skin to golden and we can see how by tweaking some sliders you will get the perfect golden tone with shadows and highlights and glitter of gold over the skin.
I believe different tastes would like different gold tones so it is up to you to make it your own type by using the sliders. Follow along the video if you are interested in making gold skin and make sure you will practice and master your skills in creating the perfect gold as per your taste.


  1. Open the image you want to turn its skin color to golden.
  2. Duplicate the image layer using Ctrl+J or Command+J or simply use right click and “duplicate layer”.
  3. Name the duplicated layer, and have it selected.
  4. Navigate to “Filter” menu and click on “Camera Raw Filter”.
  5. Tweak the sliders to get the gold tone.
  6. First increase the “Temperature” to get the first yellow tone close to gold.
  7. Play around with different sliders, increase the highlight or make the golden more shiny with increasing white, tweak the shadow to get the nice shadow over the body. And clarity is the one that make the details clearer. Tweak all the sliders to get the perfect golden.
  8. When satisfied press “OK”.
  9. To remove the effect from the background, press “Alt” or “Option” keys on the keyboard and click on the “Add mask” button.
  10. Set the foreground color to white.
  11. Take a brush and paint over the body.
  12. Pay more attention to details by zooming in to different parts like eyes.

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