We are CherryGrafik a creative studio that loves to spread creativity and art in the form of graphic design, web design and development and many other things that involve even a touch of creativity.

To share our love, we also offer free learning of techniques in editing creative designs by producing one min learning videos in which you can learn a technique in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. in just a minute.

Story of Cherries

Komeil and Zeinab are the two cherries who started Cherry Grafik to have their own creative studio.

Komeil and Zeinab were colleagues in a big company sharing an open office and having desks in front of each other.

Their relationship started by unintentional feet kicking while they were working!

After the fist kick, they both looked up to offer apologies and that time they looked up in each other’s eyes, the love story began!

Seems they were in a rush, as they married within 9 months after that first gaze.

After marriage they packed and moved to Sweden to start a new life.

Zeinab has always been a geek so she started studying PhD in computer science but Komeil who is an artist started to create art as a freelance web and graphic designer.

Client satisfaction made them think of starting Cherry Grafik, they mix computer science and art to deliver the most beautiful digital art to their beloved customers.

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