Wrap Text In Photoshop

Wrapping text somewhere close to the subject of your design is one of those handy techniques that I call them must learn in design world.

The normal text box we get from the tools in Adobe Photoshop has its own bounding margins which is straight lines but what if we want to put the texts around things with no straight lines.

Then we should wrap them, right? In this video we learn how to wrap text around a subject in Photoshop. We will use rulers and guidelines to define margins and the pen tool is our super star in this technique. 

If you never even thought about this still I recommend you to watch this you will get so inspired about how you can make designs more beautiful and optimized when there are texts around your subjects.


  1. Open Photoshop and browse the image you want to wrap some text around it.
  2. Navigating to the “View” menu and activating “Rulers” or use Ctrl + R or Command +R.
  3. Indicate the margins around the subject.
  4. Use Pen tool from tools and start drawing around the subject. Pen tool can also be activated by pressing P key on the keyboard.
  5. Hold the shift key to draw straight lines around the margin and finish the path.
  6. Select type tool from the tools on the left or alternatively press T on the keyboard.
  7. Open the “Type” menu and select “Past Lorem Ipsum” until you have enough text.
  8. Remove the guide lines by navigating to “View” menu and selecting “Clear Guides”.

Other learning:

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