Change Age In Adobe Photoshop

Changing age in an image like making the face older or younger is one of the features recently added in Adobe Photoshop. Right now we are in the year 2021 that I’m writing this 😉 The smart assistants help you apply different filters to your images, like Facial age that simply gives the image natural wrinkles and lines to make it older or remove the lines and smooth the face to make it younger. Oh, it really does more than that…. Let’s see how it simply performs this very tough job in just a glance. Watch the video and try it you will see how it makes life easier!


  1. Open Photoshop and browse the image you want to change the face age on.
  2. Open the “Filter” Menu.
  3. Select “Neural Filters”.
  4. On the right pane, put a checkmark on the “Facial Age”.
  5. Increase the value of “Facial Age” to make the face of the image older.
  6. Decrease the value of “Facial Age” to make the face of the image younger.
  7. Press Ok when done.
  8. The filter is added as a layer, toggle its visibility on and off to see the changes.

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