Create 3D Box in Illustrator


How to create a 3D Box in Illustrator? Have your ever googled this question? If yes, I’ve got a short, practical answer for you. 3D objects like a 3D box can be used in different designs like product designs It is absolutely an essential technique to learn in Illustrator to create 3D objects to be able to illustrate what you imagine in a way other can see it the way you do! This third dimension you add to your creative designs, makes your designs more alive and even professional. In this video we learn how to create a 3D box that can inspire you to create more 3D objects to use in your artworks.

Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator


Clipping Mask is one of the techniques that clip one layer over another
In this video we learn how to put an image inside a shape or text. This technique can be used for both!
This creates an illusion as if the image is actually inside the text!
This brings the feeling of the image live to the text and your text becomes more descriptive with a strong touch of the image.
We do this using Clipping Mask technique in Illustrator, which is a must learn technique for you that have a passion for Art 😉
You can simply learn it in this video and perform it in just a minute.

Underwater Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop


Putting text under water in Photoshop gives you the ability to dive into the water in your imaginations.
Take your text with you from the paper and drag them down to the underwater world.
In this video we learn a technique to put texts under water in Photoshop.
This is done applying different effects our creative friend, Photoshop provide us with 😉
Get a water image and you are just some clicks away to make it, watch the video to expand your text underwater skills.

How to Create a Rainbow in Adobe Photoshop?

Create-rainbow-in-photoshop-cherry -grafik

Drawing mirrored shapes symmetrically always requires accuracy and patient, but what is I tell you it is the easiest job to draw mirrored and symmetric shapes in photoshop!
In this video we learn how to easily create artistic shapes that are mirrored in different axis only by drawing in one segment of axis. We see how the drawing is replicated to other segments and how you can set different properties of your brush while you are drawing.
We do this using Symmetry tool in photoshop a simple tool that can be used easily even in a minute.

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