Refine Edge technique in Adobe Photoshop

There are many tools in photoshop for selection, but, when it comes to select and take out the hair part of an image, there are limited options to use as a good tool to select and take out/ move the hair of your image (it is even harder for curly hair). Selecting hair in an image is usually a time consuming and tough job to do!
However, using the “Mask” can help us doing this difficult job much easier as a piece of cake.
In this video we learn how we can use “refine edge” tool and use the mask technique to select and image with its hair in a minute.


  1. Open your image in adobe photoshop.
  2. Click on one of the selection tools.
  3. Click on “Select subject” button and the image will be selected automatically.
  4. Now click on “Layer mask”.
  5. Right click on the created mask and from the context menu click on “Select and mask”.
  6. From the tools select refine edge tool.
  7. In properties panel put a checkmark on “decontaminate color” and start refining the hair on the edge of the image.
  8. To adjust the colors right click on the layer containing the subject and from the menu select color balance and adjust the yellow color to make it more natural.

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