Typography Logo in Adobe Illustrator


Typography is one of those art that makes a text visually appealing by arranging its letters in a beautiful way .
The other use of putting the letters in an artistic way is logotype, where we can design a logo by arranging the letters of a company name together in very clear and visually beautiful and eye catching way.
However, creating logotype and typography requires some technique apart from the taste of art and creativity.
In this video we explain the techniques to create a typography in a step by step and pretty simple way. Follow along if you are interested in typo design and want to broaden your skills further.

3D Logo in Illustrator


Creative 3D shapes can be use in different designs like logo design
it is an essential technique to learn in Illustrator to create 3D shapes and make them creative. The more creative the more attractive
3D shapes make an illusion of reality and we feel like we can touch the shape.
Designing 3D shapes also make the design beautifully complex and more attractive.
In this video we learn how to make a artistic 3D object that inspire you to use in your logo design or other designs when you need a 3D object in your artwork.

Create a new project in Adobe illustrator

Create new project in Adobe illustrator - Cherry Grafik

For each design we perform, a project needs to be defined. And a new project needs to have specifications like, size of work, output type, etc.
Adobe Illustrator is one of our 🍒
favorites when it comes to design a logo, create an object from the scratch, make a typography, and many other projects that need art.
To create an art design in Adobe Illustrator we need to create a new project and set the preliminary specifications. In this video we learn the very first step on how to create a new project in Illustrator.

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