Colorize Photo in Adobe Photoshop


Colorizing an image gives it a soul and makes it alive. Adobe Photoshop recently (in its 2021 version) added a very smart feature that helps us colorize images just in a few seconds by just a few clicks.
The smart feature of Adobe Photoshop has got different filters and colorizing images is one of those magical ones. I truly like it and it came very handy while editing, especially when it comes to old images. We covered another filter of this smart feature in the “change age” video, that is available in our Photoshop videos playlist so that you can have look if you haven’t yet!
If you ever wanted to colorize a grey image watch this video and see how with the help of this smart feature, we simply perform this job just in a glance.
Watch the video and try it, you will see how it makes life easier!

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